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Anamnesis : Adelyne Rizzo's Debut Solo Exhibition

On display for the month of July at The A-Space Gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Featuring academic figure drawings, traditional portraiture in oil, pen & ink studies, and large-scale compositions - all of which illustrate the search for a visual expression that most effectively serves Rizzo's longstanding desire to make images that connect us to humankind's memory. It is her belief that the tradition of classical art-making is, in its essence, a language -an all-but-forgotten tongue in which our origin stories were told, and our ancestor's love songs were sung... Yet its form should be malleable and its rules should be stretched, ensuring its evolution and therefore, survival.

With this exhibit, Rizzo hopes to showcase the various paths on which the exploration of this language has taken her, and present them alongside new projects that indicate the aesthetic direction of her future work.

" It was so surprising for me to see art in New Hope that reminded me of Italian Masters that I had only seen in Europe and museums like The National Gallery of Art. Adelyne Rizzo's layers of paintings are like strings of harp playing concerto. Her work is modern and ancient at the same time, composed perfectly to bring out emotions to move you." - Mohsen Harandi, poet

Gallery Hours:

Thursday 3-9 Friday 3-9 Saturday 1-9 Sunday 1-5


Cello, Nudes & Portals at The A-Space Gallery

Saturday July 20th 2019 in new hope, pa

7 to 10 o’clock in the evening

Join us for an impromptu celebration at The A-Space Gallery this Saturday! Contemporary cellist Gregory Bortnichak will be playing a set from ( but not constrained to ) his new album Locution, surrounded by my paintings still on view in the gallery. And right next door Portals will be presenting mini installations featuring some pretty snazzy local artists.

event link: